Thursday, November 20, 2008

Custom Cake Toppers

Todays weddings are all about the personality of the couple. Gone are the days of a plain white cake with a plastic bride and groom on top. There are so many styles of toppers on the market today. For some brides, even that won't do. They want something truly custom, something no other bride will have. That's where I come in. Here are a few custom toppers I have made. Oh.. and don't forget about the (previously discussed) bows!This is an edible picture frame with edible photo for a bridal shower. The ruffled edge of the frame matches the ruffled bottom borders.This "F" is wrapped with ribbon and covered with matching sugar flowers.
This is a gumpaste monogram topper. It is hand cut and hand painted to match the gold accents on the rest of the cake.

When planning your wedding cake, remember you aren't stuck with what's on the shelf. We can make a custom topper just for you!


*Michelle said...

Love the photo frame one. I've never seen that before!

Kristy said...

Thanks. I think it's fun and they loved it because no one else had one.