Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I've had a little work done...

Well, not me but my logo has gone under the knife so to speak. I have always loved my logo. I knew what I wanted it to look like and my husband (who is not a graphic designer, just a guy with Photoshop) did a great job making it for me. I still like it, but Posh Pastry has grown so quickly. I felt like our logo and image should match the incredible creations that come out of our cake studio. Who did I call... Giovanni and his team at Unique Designs, of course!

Working with them is so amazing! I wanted to stay true to my original design, but it needed to be polished and updated. Giovanni listened to everything I wanted and came up with such a beautiful combination of old and new. I absolutely love it! They also created some new marketing materials (come see them at the bridal show Sept. 13th) and a circle logo witch is now featured on my website.

I know I'm starting to sound like the president of the Unique Designs fan club.... OK well, maybe I am... but they deserve it. The Unique team truly cares about their clients. Their work is creative, beautiful, innovative and truly Unique! Thanks guys!!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

We're on the blog

I love Leah at Celebrations Catering. She is so incredibly sweet and her food is insanely good! One of my favorite things about Leah is that she always has her camera with her. A few months ago we attended an event at Bay Laurel. I made several kinds of treats including a couple different styles of Posh Pretzels. I was in a huge hurry that day and forgot my camera. Luckily Leah had hers, and she posted some pics on her blog today. Go check them out!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Pure Delight

One of my favorite photographers, Lindsey Tropf, of Pure: Photography by Linsey Tropf has completely redone her business branding: colors, logo, website, business cards, blog, and more. To celebrate and share her own excitement, she is having a week of GiveAways before her
launch with unique wedding items from both local vendors and some personal Etsy favorites.

There will even be a Posh Pastry give away! If you read my blog then you know how absolutely in love I am with the pictures Lindsey did of my pink and black cake! She is so incredible! I can't wait to see the new website. If you haven't seen her work go to her blog NOW and check it out! Every day will be a new GiveAway with the winner(s) announced the next day. The prizes get larger and more expensive, so be sure to keep coming back until the end!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Playing with dummies...

Dummy cakes that is. They can be so incredibly helpful. I can picture in my mind what a stacked 6,8,10 will look like and can tell how the spacing will differ from a 6, 9, 11. I know how a cake with a 4" top tier will look, but my brides may not. That's where the dummies come in. I have all shapes and sizes, hights and widths. When I'm planning a new cake, I pull them off the shelf and stack them up. It's great to be able to visualize what the cake will look like beyond the sketch. I even brought a box full of them to a bride's house to make sure that she would love the cake we planned for her. (wink, wink, Kari :)

This picture is the dummy cake version of the cake we made for Kari this past weekend. I have found that it is very helpful to use dummies when the cake is a nontraditional shape or size. I sent Kari this picture from my shop to get her OK before I started baking the real one.