Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Playing with dummies...

Dummy cakes that is. They can be so incredibly helpful. I can picture in my mind what a stacked 6,8,10 will look like and can tell how the spacing will differ from a 6, 9, 11. I know how a cake with a 4" top tier will look, but my brides may not. That's where the dummies come in. I have all shapes and sizes, hights and widths. When I'm planning a new cake, I pull them off the shelf and stack them up. It's great to be able to visualize what the cake will look like beyond the sketch. I even brought a box full of them to a bride's house to make sure that she would love the cake we planned for her. (wink, wink, Kari :)

This picture is the dummy cake version of the cake we made for Kari this past weekend. I have found that it is very helpful to use dummies when the cake is a nontraditional shape or size. I sent Kari this picture from my shop to get her OK before I started baking the real one.

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