Saturday, July 11, 2009

Inspiration is everywhere

Right now I'm on a cross country road trip with my family. While staying at an amazing hotel in Texas, I learned something about my kids... They see cakes everywhere, just like their Mom. We were up on the 9th floor looking down at the atrium below when my three year old asked me about the birthday cake. In the Mom way I said "oh yea" and went on down the hall. The next day my six year old asked me how long they were going to keep the giant cake down there. This time I stopped and payed closer attention. There was a small cafe with a very unique roof in the atrium. It looked like an amazing Asian style wedding cake.

It was then that I realized that my kids have grown up seeing unique custom cakes. They were used to seeing nontraditional style and cool design. I know most people don't walk around looking at objects and seeing cake designs in them like I do, but it was really cool to see that my kids are picking it up. They love art and design and I'd love to have them join me in the cake studio one day.

The kids inspired me so much that I took my camera around the hotel looking for more "cakes" and found the most beautiful Wedgewood vases and plates. They would make an amazing cakes! Thanks boys!!!

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Amanda B. Young said...

No way! A peacock-inspired Christmas tree?! This I must see.

Look forward to seeing you next weekend!